How does the Virtual Race work 

Virtual Event 
  • Chose your activity

Cross Country Ski, Roller ski, bike, run or walk your chosen distance. 

  • Complete all at once or accumulative 

Do the distance in one session record on your smartphone app and send add proof i.e screenshot of the distance. or do it in stages Bite the bullet and complete the distance in one go or if lockdown has you restricted or you want to do the event slowly you can add incrementally.

  • Option to download and print your race bib Please email for your bib 

  • Have your commemorative medal posted to you. Has the covid logo on the back plus Merino Muster 2020.   See prices on the website shop 

  • Europe & USA   




  • Order a T-shirt   $40 NZD 

Chose size and colour 

Size  XS, S, M, L, XL ,XXL

Ladies or Mens 


2Blue 020 t_shirt .png